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Treason to us, except one of us two.
True and false feares let us refraine,
Let us love nobly, and live, and adde againe
Yeares and yeares unto yeares, till we attaine
To write threescore, this is the second of our raigne.
A Valediction of my name, in the window.
My name ingrav'd herein.
Doth contribute my firmenesse to this glasse,
Which ever since that charme, hath beene
As hard as that which grav'd it, was,
Thine eye will give it price enough, to mock
The diamonds of either rock.
'Tis much that Glasse should bee
As all confessing, and through-shine as I,
'Tis more, that it shewes thee to thee,
And cleare reflects thee to thine eye.
But all such rules, loves magique can undoe,
Here you see mee, and I am you.
As no one point, nor dash,
Which are but accessaries to this name,

[CW: The]