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[Transcriptions are not provided for noncanonical poems, elegies on Donne by other authors, or prose compositions.] [f. 28]
To Mr T. W.
Hast thee harsh Verse as fast as thy lame measure
will giue thee leaue, words blotted: to him my payne & pleasure.
I haue giuen thee, & yet thou art to weake
feete, & a reasoning Soule & tong to speake.
line blotted: Plead for me, and so by thyne & my labor,
line blotted: I ame thy Creator, thou my Sauior.
Tell him all questions wch Men haue defended
line blotted: Both of the place & paynes of hell are ended.
line blotted: And tis decreed yt hell is but priuation
line blotted: Of him, at least in this Earths habitation.
And tis wher I ame, wher in euery streete
Infections follow, overtake and meete.
Live I, or dy by you my Love is sent
And you are my or els my testament.