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When Belgiaes Cityes, ye round Cuntryes drowne [f. 20]
That durty foulnes guards, & armes ye towne,
So doth her face guard her. And so for thee
Wch forc'd by busines absent ofte must bee
She whose face like clowds turns ye day to night
Who mightier then the Sea makes Moores seeme whight,
Who though seauen yeares She in ye Stews had layd
A Nunnery durst receive, & thinke a Mayd,
And though in Childbirths Labor She did ly
Midwifes would sweare, t'weare but a timpany,
Whom, yf Sh'accuse her selfe, I credit lesse
Then Witches wch impossibles confesse,
Whom dildoes, bedstaves, & her velvett glas
Would be as loth to touch as Ioseph was:
One like none & likd of none fittest weare
for things in fashion euery man will weare.|
Eleg: 11.a|
By or first strange & fatal interview
By all desyres wch therof did insue:
By or long sterving hopes, by yt remorce
Wch my words masculine persuasive force
Begott in thee, & by the memoree
Of hurts wch Spyes & Riualls threatned mee
I calmely begg: But by thy Parents Wrath
By all paynes wch want & **diuorcemt hath
I coniure thee: And all those othes wch I
And thou haue sworne to seale ioynt constancy
Here I vnsweare, and oversweare them thus
Thou shallt not Love by meanes so dangerous.
Temper O fayre Love, Loves impetuous rage
Be my trew Mistres still, not my faignd Page.
I'le go: and by thy kind leaue leaue behind
Thee only worthy to nurce in my mind
Thirst to come back: Oh yf thou dy before
frō other Lands my Soule towards thee shall sore:
Thy els all mighty bewty cannot move
Rage frō the Seas; nor thy Love teache thē love.