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Eleg: 10.a|
Marry & love thy Flauia for Shee [f. 19v]
Hath all things wherby others bewteous bee.
for though her eyes be smale, her mouth is great
Though they be Iuory, yet her teethe are Ieat:
Though they be dimme, yet She is Light inough
And though her harsh haire fall, her skin is rough.
What though her Cheekes be yellow, her haire is red
Giue her thyne; & She hath a Maydenhead.
These things are bewtyes Elements: where these
Meete in one, yt one must as perfect please.
If red & whight, & each good quality
Bee in thy Wench, neere aske, wher it doth ly.
In buying things perfum'd, we aske if there
Be Muske and amber in it, but not where.
Though all her parts be not in th'vsuall place
She hath yet an Anagram of a good face.
If we might put the Letters but one way
In yt leane dearth of Letters, what could we say?
When by ye gamvt some Musitians make
A perfect Song, others will vndertake
By ye same gamvt chang'd to equall itt
Things simply good can never be vnfitt.
She is fayre as any yf all be like her,
And if none be then She is singuler.
All Love is Wonder, yf we iustly doo
Accoumpt her wonderfull, why not Lovely too?
Love built on bewty soone as bewty dyes;
Chuse this face chang'd by no deformityes.
Women a're all like Angels: the fayre bee
Like those wch fell to worse; but such as Shee
Like to good Angels nothing can impayre:
T'is lesse griefe to be foule then to'haue beene fayre.
for one nights revells silke & gold we chuse
But in long iourneys Cloth & Leather vse.
Bewty is barren oft: best husbands say
Ther is best Land wher ther is foulest way.
Oh what a Soveraigne plaister will She bee
If thy past Sins haue tought thee iealosee!
Here needes no Spyes nor Eunuchs; her Cōmitt
Safe to thy foes, yea to a Marmositt.