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Eleg: 9.a|
Allthough thy hand, & fayth & good works too [f. 19]
Haue seald thy love wch nothing should vndoo,
yea though thou fall back, yt Apostasee
Confirme thy love; yet much much I feare thee.
Women are like the Arts: forc'd vnto none
Open to all Searchers; vnpris'd if vnknowne.
If I haue caught a bird, & let him fly
Another fowler vsing those meanes as I
May catch ye same bird, and as these things bee
Women are made for men, not him nor mee.
Foxes & Gotes, All beasts change when they please
Shall women more hott, wyly, wild then these
Be bound to one man, and did Nature then
Id'ly make them apter to'endure then men?
They are or cloggs & their owne: if a man bee
Chaynd to a Galley, yet the Galley is free.
Who hath a plowland casts all his seed corne there
And yet allows his ground more corne should beare.
Though Danuby into ye Sea must flow
The Sea receaves ye Rhene, Volga, and Po.
By Nature wch gaue it, this libertee
Thou lov'st, but Oh, canst thou love it & mee?
Liknes glues love: Then yf so thou do
To make vs like & love, must I change to?
More then thy hate, I hate it: rather let mee
Allow her change, thē change as ofte as shee.
And so not teache, but force my opinione
To love not any one, nor euery one.
To live in one land, is Captiuity,
To run all Cuntryes a wild roguery.
Waters stinck soone yf in one place they bide
And in ye vast Sea are worse putrifide:
But when they kisse one banke & leauing this
Neuer looke backe but the next banke do kis
Then are they purest. Change is the Nurcery
Of Musick, Ioye, Life, & Eternity.