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Thou nothing; I not halfe so much shall do [f. 18]
In those warrs, as they may wch frō vs two
Shall spring. Thousands we see wch trauaile not
To warrs; but stay swords, armes, & shott
To make at home; And shall not I do then
More glorious service staying to make men?
Eleg: 8.a|
Come Madame, come; All rest my powers defy;
Vntill I labor, I in labor ly.
The foe oft times hauing ye foe in sight
Is tyr'd wt standing though they neuer fight.
Of wt yt girldle, like heauens zones glistering
But a farr fayrer world encompassing.
Vnpin yt spangled brestplate; wch you weare
That th'eyes of busy fooles may be stopt there.
Vnlase your selfe: for yt harmonious chime
Tells me frō you that now t'is your bed time.
Of wth that happy buske whom I envy
That still can be, & still can stand so nigh.
your gownes going of, such bewteous state reveales
As when frō flowry Meads th'hills shadow steales.
Of wt your wiry coronet & show
The hairy Diademe wch on you doth grow.
Now of wt those shoes & then safely tredd
In this Loves halowed temple; this soft bedd.
In such whight robes, heauen Angels vs'd to bee
Receaud by men: Thou, Angel bringst wt thee
A heauen like Mahomets Paradise: And though
Ill Spirights walke in whight, we easily know
By this these Angels frō an euill Spright
They sett or haires but these the flesh vpright.
Licence my roving hands, & let them go
Behind, before, above, betweene, below.
Oh my America, my newfound land,
My kingdome, safelyest when wt one man man'd.
My Myne of pretious stones; my empiree;
How blest ame I in this discouering thee?