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Though Hope bred Fayth & Love, thus tought I shall [f. 17]
As Nations do frō Rome, frō thy Love fall.
My hate shall outgrow thyne, & vtterly
I will renounce thy dallyance: & when I
Ame ye Recusant, in yt resolute state
What hurts it me to be excōmunicate?
Eleg: 6.a|
Natures lay Ideott, I tought thee to love
And in yt Sophistry,'Oh thou dost prove
Too subtile: foole, thou didst not vnderstand
The mistique language of the ey nor hand:
Nor couldst thou iudg the difference of the aire
Of Sighs, and say, This lyes, this sounds dispayre.
Nor by th'eyes water call a malady
Desperatly hott or changing feuerously.
I had not tought thee then, the Alphabett
Of flowers; how they devisefully beeing sett
And bound vp, might wt speechlesse secresy
Deliuer arrands mutely'and mutually
Remember since all thy Words vs'd to bee
To euery Sutor, I, yf my frinds agree.
Since houshold charmes thy husbands name to teach
Weare all ye love-tricks yt thy witt could reach.
And since an howers discourse could scarse haue made
One answer in thee, and yt ill arrayd
In broken Proverbs, and torne sentences.
Thou art not by so many dutyes his
That frō the worlds Cōmon hauing severd thee.
Inlayd thee, neyther to bee seene nor see
As myne; wch haue wt amorous delicacyes
Refind thee into a blisfull paradise;
Thy graces and good words my creatures bee,
I planted knowledg and lifes tree in thee
Which, Oh, shall Strangers tast? Must I alas
Frame and enamell plate, and drinke in glas?
Chafe waxe for others Seales; breake a Colts force
And leaue him then, beeing made a redy horse?